2023 Girls Camp

June 27–July 1: Mia Shalom Lodgepole at Heber

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6mDkiZPtfz4nwpfd9

Stake Girl’s camp theme as printed on our t-shirts and hoodies! 

Our camp “dishwasher” 

Leaders and YCLs eating and prepping before Girl’s camp!

Emmalene being cute as always 

A packed car of friends driving up to the campsite! 

Eating food and messing around

Getting the tent set up!

Young women gathered together for afternoon devotional with food

Felix made flower crowns and Makayla gave hers to Emmalene

Anna signing “date” (or "dessert")?

UVW Young Women turn to cook! 

Serving food with the Young Women and Sister Welch

Waiting for nightly devotional 

Sister Homer giving a morning devotional 

Warming cold toes by the fire

Listening to instructions for the shooting range 

Showing off targets from the shooting range 

All gathered together at the campfire 

Testimony night with all the young women! 

A night of camping straight out of a fantasy

The giant bucket of snacks! 😍

Painting Brother Crawford’s nails – something Lucy has wanted to do at Girl’s camp ever since her sister did it! 

Shooting at the shooting range 

Macrame decorations taught by Sister Meyers

Sister Homer gives some last-minute instructions before going home. What an incredible week we had! 🏕☀️🥳