Past Relief Society Presidents

Provo Deaf Group (1967–1980)

Formed to serve Deaf students and families attending Brigham Young University

Alice Muirhead Kerastas
1976–March 1980

Provo 45th Branch (1980–1991)

Created 1 Oct 1980. Assigned to Provo South Stake

Dulane Woodhouse
Mar 1980–Apr 1985

Cherie Chamberlain
Apr 1985–Mar 1987

Peggy Harper
Mar 1987–Feb 1992

Utah Valley Branch (1991–1996)

Renamed Utah Valley Branch 12 Mar 1991

Caralee Crye
Oct 1992–Feb 1994

Melinda Scott
Feb 1994–Jan 1996

Utah Valley Ward (1996–present)

Made a ward on 4 Aug 1996. Split to create the Lehi 44th Branch (now Ward) 19 Jul 2009

Heather Schoemig
Jan 1996–Oct 1998

Julie Eldredge
Oct 1998–Jan 2001

Dulane Woodhouse
Jan 2001–May 2004

Diane Gamache
May 2004–Jan 2005

Stacy Anderson
Jan 2005–Nov 2006

Aretta Jarvis
Nov 2006–2008

Suzi Holland

Sarah Gudmunson

Marlene Malm
2010–Jan 2013

Cindy Wilson
Jan 2013–July 2014

Alyssa Cluff
July 2014–Nov 2016

Carole Tomkinson
Nov 2016–Apr 2018

Laura Godfrey
Apr 2018–Oct 2020

Kristi Barney
Oct 2020Oct 2021

Aimee Breinholt
Oct 2021–Oct 2023

Angela Meyers
Oct 2023–Present